About Lundhs

The history of Lundhs started more than 100 years ago when Alfred Lundh came from Sweden to Norway to run one of the biggest quarrying companies at that time. In 1962, Alfred’s grandson, Thor Lundh, decided to start his own quarrying company – Lundhs. Throughout this time, innovation has been essential for Lundhs. The areas of use for natural stone have changed a lot. The ways of extracting have changed completely. Lundhs has always been at the forefront of these changes.

Today Lundhs is Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone, most known is the Larvikite, only found in the area surrounding the small city of Larvik in the south of Norway.  The company is still family owned and Thor’s grandson, Thor-Anders Lundh Haakestad, is the CEO. He is continuing the proud quarrying traditions with the same passion for quality and high precision.

About our webshop

Working closely with selected designers, we will develop design collections alongside our standard range of interior products. Our design collections will be limited edition ranges, available while stocks last, whilst our standard range will be available for a longer period of time. Each stone object is made from 100% natural stone, crafted by nature 300 million years ago. We use offcuts from our standard production to make new and interesting items, taking great care with every piece of rock we extract from our quarries.

What is Lundhs Real Stone?

Lundhs Real Stone is a collection of selected natural stones quarried by Lundhs. Our range is often used for kitchen worksurfaces, flooring and other types of interior and exterior applications. If you are interested in learning more, please visit www.lundhsrealstone.com

Contact: marketing@lundhs.com