Epilogue wide vase – Lundhs Blue and smoke tinted glass

Vase for single flowers and decorative straws.

In stock

In stock



Stone Type: Larvikite.
Colour: Dark blue/grey background with silver and blue crystals. Smoke tinted glass.

This product is handmade in Sweden and Norway and is made of 100% natural stone and glass. Each vase is unique and small variations in colour and size can occur. The stone, Lundhs Blue, is harvested in Larvik/Norway and was crafted by nature 300 million years ago. The glass is put together by a local glazier and is surplus glass from other productions.

The Epilogue range is designed by Vera & Kyte and produced in Scandinavia. This is a limited edition – available while stock lasts.

Useful information:

  • Easy to maintain –  wipe clean with water and mild soap.
  • To be used with only a little amount of water / use with max. 1,5 cm water.
Weight 3,1 kg
Size 26x8x16 cm
Material Lundhs Blue and glass
Finish Polished stone and smoke tinted glass