Essence platter (S) Lundhs Antique

Decorate your interior with this handmade stone tray, or use it to display your favourite treats. Limited edition.

In stock

In stock



Stone Type: Anorthosite
Colour: Brown background with blue crystals and black minerals in different patterns.

This Essence tray is handmade in Sweden from 100% natural stone. Each tray is unique and small variations in colour and size can occur. The stone, Lundhs Antique, is harvested in Sirevåg/Norway and was crafted by nature 1000 million years ago.

The Essence range is designed by Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger and produced in Scandinavia. This is a limited edition – available while stock lasts.

Useful information:

  • The stone is resistant to stains from coffee, tea, wine and citrus fruits.
  • Easy to maintain –  wipe clean with water and mild soap.
  • To avoid scratches we recommend not to cut directly on the tray with ceramic knives
Weight 1,5 kg
Size 195x195x20 mm
Material Lundhs Antique
Finish Honed