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Lundhs AS is the data controller for processing personal data in accordance with this Data Privacy Policy. Lundhs AS owns

We at Lundhs AS take privacy seriously, and you as a user of can be confident that we protect your data and respect your privacy. Both our collection and our use of your personal data is subject to Norwegian privacy legislation. This notice (Data Privacy Policy) explains how the site processes personal data.

The Data Privacy Policy contains the required information you are to receive in connection with the collection of your personal data on our website. It also provides general information about how we collect, process and protect your personal data when you use our services at

Lundhs AS is the data controller for the personal data you provide through an account or when contacting Lundhs AS, such as through login data, logging your use of our web pages, purchasing our products and other instances mentioned in this Data Privacy Policy. We are responsible for processing your personal data in a secure and lawful manner. You can contact us at:, if you wish to access the data we have about you. We need your consent for some of the personal data we collect about you. There will be links to consent forms where relevant.


For easier understanding of this Data Privacy Policy, we have defined some terms for you:

Personal data is any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you or to other individuals. The processing of personal data is any use of personal information, including its collection, storage, modification, alignment, disclosure and deletion. The data controller is responsible for processing personal data and determines the purpose for its collection and how the personal data is to be used (in our case, this is Lundhs AS).

Lawfulness of processing is the legal grounds for processing personal data, either by consent or legal authority. You are the Data Subject who uses the services at and who enters information about yourself in connection with this.

What kind of personal data do we process?

When you register information about yourself on our website, we will gain access to your name, email address, postal address and other contact details. We will store the information about you for the following purposes:

  1. To answer your enquiries regarding our products, and to send you products if you have ordered products from us.

In order to communicate with other computers on the internet, your computer must have an IP address. This address is used to identify your machine when communicating with other machines online. An IP address is used to address the contents of a web page to the correct recipient. When you connect to this site, your IP address is registered. The website uses cookies. Cookies are an industry standard that are used on many web pages. Cookies are used to register that you are logged in, and to make certain adjustments that make it easier to use the site.


Lundhs AS asks for and obtains your explicit consent for processing your personal data, in accordance with this Data Privacy Policy. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us here:

Your data is stored at Lundhs AS and will not be shared or transferred to other third parties without your explicit consent.

Disclosure of personal data

Information registered about you will not be disclosed to a third party unless you consent to this, or there are legal grounds or a court order for the disclosure of such data.

Third-party data processors

If you consent to providing an email, or register to order/purchase a product from us, these data processors will be involved.

EasyWeb Norge AS (operates webshop)
Purpose for processing: Registers your purchase and send you a confirmation
What data is stored: Email address
Who is ultimately responsible for your data: Lundhs
Data controller: Easy Web Norge

Klarma (payment service provider)
Purpose for processing: If you make a purchase
What data is stored: Email, name, postal address, payment information
Who is ultimately responsible for your data: Klarna
Data controller: Klarna

BK-logistikk (distribution)
Purpose for processing: Sends you the product you have purchased
What data is stored: Email, name, postal address, phone no.
Who is ultimately responsible for your data: Lundhs
Data controller: BK-logistikk

We use Google Analytics to check how our site is being used and to track statistics about visits to the site.

Your rights

If you want to access the information we have stored about you, or you would like further information about how any personal data is processed, please contact us here:

You have the right to:

  • know what information we have registered about you and have access to it (subject to the limitations of applicable legislation),
  • require that any wrongful, unnecessary, inadequate or outdated personal data be corrected or removed, withdraw your consent at any time to process personal data that you have provided. Please be aware, however, that this may lead to us no longer being able to provide some of our services to you
  • Require that the personal data we process about you can be disclosed in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and that information can be taken with you to another enterprise.

Storage, deletion and correction

We will store your personal data as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes specified in the terms of this Data Privacy Policy, unless a longer storage period is imposed or permitted under applicable law, or by your consent. Storage of anonymised data is not subject to such limitations or requirements.

In addition, we try to ensure that personal data is updated and correct, and that we do not store any information that is unnecessary in relation to the purposes of processing personal data.

How do we secure your personal data?

Lundhs AS has internal routines, procedures and security measures that are in place to ensure safe and secure processing of your personal data. We have internal security controllers who have the ultimate responsibility for maintaining information security in general and the safe processing of personal data in particular. Our employees receive training and guidance on how to handle personal data securely. We have routines and access control to prevent outsiders and unauthorized persons from accessing your personal data. We also have procedures and measures that prevent personal data loss, as well as the loss and destruction of the systems where personal data is stored. We guarantee that personal data processing is carried out correctly and securely, and that processing is protected against malicious software.

We guarantee that personal data is protected in connection with the transfer of personal data internally, or to any external third-party, and are obliged to ensure that such external third-parties who process the data comply with a satisfactory level of security. Any threats to data security are handled efficiently. Security and the protection of personal data is part of our business’ daily work. We comply with the requirements for the protection and safeguarding of personal data as provided by applicable privacy laws.

Any breach of security practices is documented, and we have procedures and the capacity to detect and deal with any security breaches. If a security breach is detected, it is reported to management, the risk of damage is mapped, the Data Inspectorate is notified when necessary and we notify you as a user if the breach poses a risk to you and your rights.

How to contact us?

Lundhs AS is the data controller for processing personal data in accordance with this Data Privacy Policy. For questions and enquiries regarding our processing of personal data, you can contact us at